Cows and Bells

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As I wrote in a previous post, on one of my trips to Pirin National Park, I discovered a heard of beautiful free-range cows with clear sounding bells and decided to go back there the year after in order to make a relaxing video with them. I organised myself next summer and went there, happy to find them where I was hoping them to be. Talking to the shepard, asking for permission to film the cows, I realised that I was there just on time, as they have just moved to these high pastures a few days ago. I spend two days moving with the herd and filming different moments of the cows peaceful mountain life. The shepard was a very friendly young guy from the nearby little town and we chatted a lot about our lives, Bulgaria and so on. We even shared our lunch packs and ate together. At some point he filled my bottle with fresh warm milk directly from one of cows and it was delicious. I was very happy to have been able to make this video. You can watch it here:

Mountain Meadows

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Another trip with a friend to my favourite Central Balkan National Park. This time to film the amazing diversity of wild flowers and record the sounds of crickets and grasshoppers around those mountain meadows. On the few days near the top of the mountain I collected a variety of meadow scenery and close-up footage of the flowers. You can watch my Mountain Meadows video here:

I also filmed and recorded the trickling waters of a small brook surrounded by flowers and the majestic view of Bulgaria’s tallest waterfall in the background:

Krushuna Waterfalls

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Krushuna waterfalls in Bulgaria is magnificent gorge, carved into the limestone rocks, where a small river creates a number cascades and waterfalls with incredible beauty. Embraced by lush vegetation, the constant stream of water springs out of a cave and carves a variety of stone formations and basins. The rich in limestone water in those basins has a specific turquoise color. Unfortunately, a few years ago one of the big rock surrounding the gorge broke and fell and since then a big part of the cascades are no longer accessible or are gone. Two of my videos of some of the remaining waterfalls and cascades can be found here: and here:

Fields of White

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The winter was not over yet, so I decided to go to Rila National Park for some winter footage. The hut is only an hour away from where you can leave your car, but still sits around 2000m above the sea level. Along the clearly marked path, on the way to the hut and back, I managed to film some nice shots and record some good sounds with which I made a few long videos. These videos can be seen here:, here: and here:

On the two days I spent up at the hut, I made long treks in the thick snow further up the mountain. I was lucky that on both days there have been other people that have walked up before me. I was walking over their steps, which made it much easier for me, as I still hadn’t bought myself some snowshoes. I filmed a lot of the pure raw mountain scenery covered in white snowy blanket. I tested my new drone’s abilities and was very happy with it’s stability, even in strong wind. In the end I made a short video of this incredible landscape, soundtracked by the amazing ambient music, so generously offered by Stellardrone: The video can be seen here: