A few years back I created my YouTube channel called TheSilentWatcher (https://www.youtube.com/thesilentwatcher). From that moment I started intensively traveling to natural areas that I knew and also exploring new ones in order to record high quality footage and sounds for my relaxing nature videos.

To me, nature has always been the place to rest, to heal, to re-charge, to search for inspiration. My desire to share that beauty and peace, led me to create this channel. My aim is to provide the highest quality glimpses of nature into our modern lives, through simple and clean films from a variety of natural environments, that suit the diverse needs and likes of my channel’s audience. I believe that nature is our best healer and our innate home and that these videos could be helpful in healing and re-balancing of the mind, body and spirit through the experience of moments of peace, clarity and relaxation.

On my channel you will find a unique and original selection of high definition relaxing nature scenery and sounds, ALL of which I personally filmed and recorded  on location and they are available nowhere else.

In the BLOG section of this website I will be posting some “behind the scenery” images and information about the different places that I film.

I am always extremely happy and grateful when receive your positive feedback from people, stating that these videos and sounds have helped them feel better, sleep better, study more efficiently, be more productive at work, relax, meditate and so on.

My greatest hope is that those videos will inspire many people to go out more often and experience the natural world with all of their senses. I hope, that we will all learn to understand and value more the real significance of this extraordinary and exceptionally complex living organism, of which we are a part, so that we can protect and save our only living home – our planet Earth.

Please, visit my YouTube Channel, subscribe and click on the bell icon, so that you get notified when a new video is available.

Wishing you peace and many beautiful nature experiences!