Cows and Bells

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As I wrote in a previous post, on one of my trips to Pirin National Park, I discovered a heard of beautiful free-range cows with clear sounding bells and decided to go back there the year after in order to make a relaxing video with them. I organised myself next summer and went there, happy to find them where I was hoping them to be. Talking to the shepard, asking for permission to film the cows, I realised that I was there just on time, as they have just moved to these high pastures a few days ago. I spend two days moving with the herd and filming different moments of the cows peaceful mountain life. The shepard was a very friendly young guy from the nearby little town and we chatted a lot about our lives, Bulgaria and so on. We even shared our lunch packs and ate together. At some point he filled my bottle with fresh warm milk directly from one of cows and it was delicious. I was very happy to have been able to make this video. You can watch it here: